About Us

Max Morono – Founder of Patient Drive

With over 15 years experience in website development and digital marketing, Max brings a powerful marketing perspective to Patient Drive. He has launched numerous successful marketing campaigns for medical practices large and small nationwide.

As the Founder and Owner, Max has personally supervised the launch and implementation of 350+ individual client accounts.

“I have made it my personal mission is to ensure that every client has the absolute best web based marketing platform and the utmost confidence in their digital presence. From vision to implementation, my team and I are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.” – Max Morono

We Are Medical Marketing Experts

Medical practices nationwide come to Patient Drive for a fresh approach to marketing. After 13+ years serving the medical industry, Patient Drive has consulted individually with more than three hundred different clients from around the country. With a clear focus on efficiencies, responsiveness, creativity and results, Patient Drive is the authority in medical digital marketing.

Proven, Comprehensive Strategies

Patient Drive provides comprehensive healthcare marketing strategies that are custom-made for each client. This is data-driven, accountable marketing at its finest. Patient Drive is adept at delivering more than 30 different marketing strategies and tactics – strategies like competitive analysis, brand development, and value proposition development.

Another Level of Customer Service

The Patient Drive team is a tight-knit group of marketing experts who have the science of delivering medical marketing down to a tee. At Patient Drive, we focus heavily on building long-term client relationships. Our ability to provide for our all our clients is unmatched. We are proud to say that we hold one of the highest client retention rates in the medical marketing industry.